How to Make Money in Real Estate Investing: A Guide for Artists Who Want to Earn Extra Income

How to Make Money in Real Estate Investing: A Guide for Artists Who Want to Earn Extra Income


Looking to sustain your creative work and earn passive income as an artist? In real estate investing, you should be aware of what properties to buy, when to sell them, how much you will sell them, and what market is the most profitable. Once you have learned the ropes of real estate investing, you need to employ some strategies to ensure that your investments will yield high returns.


Timing is everything

The best time to start investing is when the interest rates are down and loans become less expensive. The high unemployment rate can also indicate higher demand for properties. People who see low chances of earning income in their neighborhood move to another home.

Establish contacts

It may be challenging to be the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to real estate investing. You will need to establish contacts such as bankers, lawyers, accountants, and realtors who will help you in areas where you are not an expert. To start off, look for a real estate agent who has a wide range of business contacts and can help you build ties with these professionals.

Look for good sources of financing

You will need a lot of money as capital for your real estate business. But you do not have to worry because short-term private loans are available. These loans grant the full cost of purchasing and rehabilitation of a property.

Choose the right property.

Find a property in a poor condition. You can renovate it and sell it at a higher price later.

Restore the property carefully

To outdo the competition, make sure that you do the restoration with excellent craftsmanship. That may even mean you have to replace certain parts such as the sink and roof. Use only high-quality materials for the renovation and repairs. Remember, you want people to buy the property you are reselling.


In any endeavor, being organized and systematic is a must. Real estate investing is no different. You have to monitor all tasks involved in your business so that you can easily find and make offers or deals on properties.